Multifunctional 3F/32A charger.
Fits for any EV vehicle.
Built-in DC Residual Current Monitor.
Supports 1F/16A mode.

Basic 525 EUR + VAT

Shipped from EU
Made in Latvia

RapidLoad 3 EV charger

Rated voltage: 230V AC (400V phase-to-phase)
Rated current: 32A
Number of phases: 3-phase
Maximum charging power: 22kW
EV connector type: Type 2
Operating Temperature: -30℃ ~ 50℃
Standards: IEC62196-2 Sheet 2-lla / IEC61851-1 / CE
1-year warranty

This charger allows you to charge your car with power up to 22kW – this is the highest possible value for AC charging. Thanks to this, you will save up to several hours!
Charger is equipped with LED display and advanced electronics that constantly monitors the charging parameters of your car. In addition, the housing is extremely durable, tight and waterproof according to the IP66 standard.

• Dynamically adjusts the maximum power the Electric Vehicle will charge with.
• Built-in temperature sensor.
• The load balancing feature allows you connect up to 4 RapidLoad chargers to one mains supply.
• Optional +45 Eur: RFID card support.
• Optional +45 Eur: Locking actuator support, locks the charging cable in the socket, automatically unlocks on a power failure.
• Optional +85 Eur: Smart charging capable, reduces charging current when demand elsewhere increases.

Safety first
It has built-in protections to prevent overcurrent and will detect DC and AC residual current in 50Hz/60Hz AC installations according to IEC62955.
It means, when using this charger, you don’t need an expensive type B residual-current circuit breaker (RCB) in your mains distribution panel, but can use a normal type A.
The RapidLoad 3 EV charger will then immediately disconnect the contactor, display an error message on the screen, and wait for a user to reset the error.

Which vehicles are supported by this charger?
RapidLoad 3 EV charger has a Type 2 plug on the wall side, so it fits with any EV or Hybrid car with appropriate cable from Type 2 wall plug to their EV supported standard.

Which charging speeds are possible?
An overview of possible charging cable properties and their charging capacity:

6A with 1 phase = max. 1.4kW
12A with 1 phase = max. 2.7kW
16A with 1 phase = max. 3.7kW
20A with 1 phase = max. 4.6kW
32A with 1 phase = max. 7.4kW

6A with 3 phases = max. 4.1kW
12A with 3 phases = max. 8.3kW
16A with 3 phases = max. 11kW
20A with 3 phases = max. 13.8kW
32A with 3 phases = max. 22kW